• Hiring-Fresh-Grads_-Don_t-Make-These-Mistakes

    Hiring Fresh Grads? Don’t Make These Mistakes

    Fresh graduates could be a great asset to any company, for they could bring fresh ideas and they are full of enthusiasm for their first ’real world’ job. But a couple of companies may still do some things that […]

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  • These Jobs would be In Demand by 2020

    These Jobs Would Be In Demand By 2020

    The industry landscape is certainly changing. By 2020, jobs in these industries will be in demand, according to the research of Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE). This Labor Market Information Report, called Project JobsFit: DOLE 2020 Vision, is […]

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  • How to Make Every Employee a Star Employee

    How To Make Every Employee A Star Employee

    Employees are the bloodline of any company. The company’s progress is highly dependent on employees’ performance. While other employees excel in their performance, there are some who need a little improvement. There are many factors that affect the productivity […]

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  • There are Reasons Your Job Offer could be Turned Down

    There are Reasons Your Job Offer Could be Turned Down

    Everyone has their own choice of career path. Jobs are there to help a person reach their certain goals and at the same time, provide a source of financial stability for them. Each job is different and patterned on […]

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  • Science Says This Interview Tactic Will Make Sure You Hire the Right Candidate

    Science Says This Interview Tactic Will Make Sure You Hire the Right Candidate

    You do not hire for the sake of hiring. It is a risky business because so much of the company’s resources are at stake when it comes to bringing in new people to the workplace. Bad hires can only […]

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  • 8 Steps to Bouncing Back After Getting Fired

    8 Steps to Bouncing Back After Getting Fired

    Getting fired from your workplace is always going to be a tough experience, especially if it was a job that you loved and enjoyed. It’s normal to feel down in the dumps after such an event as long as […]

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  • How to Fire a Staff the Right Way

    How To Fire a Staff the Right Way

    Firing someone is never an enjoyable or easy task. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s inevitable. When someone who’s working for you is no longer performing up to par, it’s time to let them go, and it’s always better to do it […]

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    7 Habits That’ll Make You the Leader Your Colleagues Aspire to Be.

    7 Habits That Will Make You The Leader Your Colleagues Aspire To Be Being a leader isn’t as rosy and glamorous as what we see in movies and children’s cartoons. Being a leader takes a lot of hard work […]

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  • test

    How effective are psychometric tests in recruitment?

    In finding the perfect candidate out of a roster of talents, the job of a hiring manager involves the tedious tasks of pooling, sifting through resumes and conducting interviews. And to make the process faster and more comprehensive, psychometric […]

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    If you’re expanding your business, you can maximize your ROI with this move

    As your business experiences strong growth, you are not just competing for market share; you are also competing for top talent to push your business forward. Choosing the right people for the job who produce good results yields long […]

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  • createvalue

    The Best Way To Create Value In Your Recruitment Efforts

    More than hiring people to get specific jobs done, the purpose of recruitment is to ensure that the people you hire share your company values in their behaviors and actions. Sadly, traditional approaches on recruitment fail to align hires […]

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  • spell success

    How recruitment outsourcing can spell success for your business

    With the highly competitive global economic conditions, institutions have started reassessing their business models to allow decision-makers to increase their focus on cost-efficiency while retaining best practices that bring in good results to the business. This kind of economic […]

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  • reqtechnique

    This new recruitment technique is changing the way companies evaluate job candidates

    The modern age brought tremendous changes in how we deal with the world. Advancements in technology shaped our lives drastically that even decisions need to be justified and backed up by data. Such is also true in the hiring […]

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  • nextbigthing

    Why recruitment outsourcing is the next big thing in HR

    Human Resources is one of the busiest departments in any company. It performs the difficult tasks of recruiting, hiring, workplace management and employee relations. And in this age of increasing need for talents in a rapidly-evolving economy, meeting hiring […]

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    3 most powerful tactics for negotiating your salary

    Whether you’re the naturally shy or aggressive type, salary-negotiation is the same for everyone—it’s never a cakewalk. According to a research by Salary.com, around one-fifth of job-seekers don’t counter the first number tossed after they receive the offer. Another […]

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    The number one error companies make when recruiting new talent

    Despite years of experience, hiring managers still fall short in recruiting talent – they make bad hires. They make mistakes during the hiring process that hurt the business and mean loss of income for companies. Hiring is the same […]

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    Top 3 team building activities that won’t break the company budget

    Cracking the science behind building a great company culture may require attending a few leadership seminars. But despite the challenges, one brilliant tool can be used by companies to achieve this—the good old team building activity. Team building activities […]

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    The millennial’s guide to getting a promotion

    Millenials are quickly outnumbering the Baby Boomers, and soon this generation will take over as the dominant epoch in today’s workforce. So it’s important for Millennials to carve out their path in the corporate world by making the right […]

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    Experts say you should aim for diversity in the workplace

    Diversity is generally defined as acknowledging, understanding, accepting, valuing, and celebrating differences among people with respect to age, class, ethnicity, gender, physical and mental ability, race, sexual orientation, and religious belief. In the workplace, diversity is achieved through acknowledging […]

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    Avoid this number 1 pet peeve by hiring managers

    After spending weeks of sending out your resume to various companies, you finally received a call from a hiring manager for a one-on-one interview. Congratulations! Your chances of sealing the deal have increased. But that’s not the end of […]

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    Standard interview questions are useless. Here’s what you should be asking job candidates

    The thing about job interviews is that they can get dull as soon as the interviewer starts asking overused questions like “Where do you see yourself in five years?” or “Can you list down your strengths and weakness?”Right off […]

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    The most effective tricks to reducing your company turnover rate

    Employees hold the core of any industry. They provide the manpower to push a business to its success or failure. A company is only as good as the loyalty of its employees.  This is why it’s imperative for business […]

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    Top skills you need to survive in the workplace. Hint: They don’t teach these in school

    So you think you’re qualified to apply for your dream job because you have a degree. You’ve spent four or more years slaving over notes and exams at school to earn your diploma that is your so-called ticket to […]

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    6 Signs that you should quit your job and look for a better one

    If you were looking for a sign, this is it. Perhaps you’ve subconsciously made the decision to quit but need a little push to actually do so. We’re not saying that you don’t love your job, maybe you genuinely […]

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    Time to go! Here are the top reasons why you should start leaving the office early

    Who here doesn’t want to leave the office early? Packing up your things, getting up from your desk, and exiting the door on time are all too easy tasks that many professionals just can’t seem to manage. This might […]

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    Is performance review killing your employees?

    Nothing can easily break an employee’s concentration while having another ordinary day at the office than by realizing that a performance review is up. You start hearing your colleagues go on and on about it and you secretly complain […]

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    Should you hire more people or give your current pool of employees more responsibilities?

    In order for a company to grow and meet the expectations of their clients, they need manpower. If a company is still starting, it’s enough to have a number of skilled and trained employees. As the company expands, would […]

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    Do you really need a degree to get a decent job?

    The truth of the matter is, earning a college degree does not guarantee instant employment. There is a vast pool of fresh graduates and people with job experience competing with each other for the same opportunities. Nowadays, it seems […]

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    Top 10 Myths on job interviews

    During summer, countless companies open their doors to the throes of newly grads marching their way to offices in the hopes of employment. This year, the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) report shows that there are at least 656,284 […]

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    Top benefits of outsourcing your company’s recruitment

    Quality talent is hard to come by. Apart from building and managing your business, you have to deal with creating a talent pool that will help reach your bottom line. More companies are turning to recruitment outsourcing to attract […]

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    Your next manager should have these qualities

    What does a manager do, exactly? In the common sense of the word, he basically manages, in the sense that he is in charge; or in the business of running or administering a certain group or entity. By all […]

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    Top industries with higher-than-average salaries for fresh graduates

    Salary is one of the major factors we look for when in search for a job. If you’re a fresh graduate with no job experience except the internship you had in college, you’re under the impression that you’re not […]

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    Workplace Personality: What your co-workers actually think of you

    Each workplace is a new environment. Each member has his own unique role and identity that contributes to the make-up of the company and gives it its edge. And it’s these shared differences that help each other reach their collective goal of making it to the top of their field.

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    Switching to a new career? Here’s what you need to know

    Most of us know that switching to a different career, let alone looking for a new job in the same field, is tough, not to mention stressful. But what causes us to let go of our old jobs and […]

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    The future looks bright with green: Why jobs will be booming in renewable energy

    In today’s competitive job market, it’s difficult to find a niche to build a career on. Current industries are all in different stages of development and expansion but have all since reached significant peaks in what they’ve accomplished. If […]

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    Who I am and who I want to be: Personal Branding 101

    You don’t know it yet, but you’ve already built yourself a personal brand by now. More often than we realize, this manufactured identity is what brings us closer or farther away from our career goals. A personal brand is […]

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  • ASEAN2015

    More jobs and no more visas across Asia? How ASEAN 2015 will shift an entire continent

    The Association of South East Asian Nations or ASEAN economic integration is just around the corner (in 2015, in fact) and Filipino professionals should look forward to an increase in job opportunities. If you’re savvy with not only your […]

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