• Hiring-Fresh-Grads_-Don_t-Make-These-Mistakes

    Hiring Fresh Grads? Don’t Make These Mistakes

    Fresh graduates could be a great asset to any company, for they could bring fresh ideas and they are full of enthusiasm for their first ’real world’ job. But a couple of companies may still do some things that […]

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  • These Jobs would be In Demand by 2020

    These Jobs Would Be In Demand By 2020

    The industry landscape is certainly changing. By 2020, jobs in these industries will be in demand, according to the research of Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE). This Labor Market Information Report, called Project JobsFit: DOLE 2020 Vision, is […]

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  • How to Make Every Employee a Star Employee

    How To Make Every Employee A Star Employee

    Employees are the bloodline of any company. The company’s progress is highly dependent on employees’ performance. While other employees excel in their performance, there are some who need a little improvement. There are many factors that affect the productivity […]

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  • There are Reasons Your Job Offer could be Turned Down

    There are Reasons Your Job Offer Could be Turned Down

    Everyone has their own choice of career path. Jobs are there to help a person reach their certain goals and at the same time, provide a source of financial stability for them. Each job is different and patterned on […]

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  • Science Says This Interview Tactic Will Make Sure You Hire the Right Candidate

    Science Says This Interview Tactic Will Make Sure You Hire the Right Candidate

    You do not hire for the sake of hiring. It is a risky business because so much of the company’s resources are at stake when it comes to bringing in new people to the workplace. Bad hires can only […]

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  • 8 Steps to Bouncing Back After Getting Fired

    8 Steps to Bouncing Back After Getting Fired

    Getting fired from your workplace is always going to be a tough experience, especially if it was a job that you loved and enjoyed. It’s normal to feel down in the dumps after such an event as long as […]

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  • How to Fire a Staff the Right Way

    How To Fire a Staff the Right Way

    Firing someone is never an enjoyable or easy task. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s inevitable. When someone who’s working for you is no longer performing up to par, it’s time to let them go, and it’s always better to do it […]

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    7 Habits That’ll Make You the Leader Your Colleagues Aspire to Be.

    7 Habits That Will Make You The Leader Your Colleagues Aspire To Be Being a leader isn’t as rosy and glamorous as what we see in movies and children’s cartoons. Being a leader takes a lot of hard work […]

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    How effective are psychometric tests in recruitment?

    In finding the perfect candidate out of a roster of talents, the job of a hiring manager involves the tedious tasks of pooling, sifting through resumes and conducting interviews. And to make the process faster and more comprehensive, psychometric […]

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    If you’re expanding your business, you can maximize your ROI with this move

    As your business experiences strong growth, you are not just competing for market share; you are also competing for top talent to push your business forward. Choosing the right people for the job who produce good results yields long […]

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