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Company Overview
The first manufacturing facility is an old building Spanish house located in Binondo, Manila it manufacture of plastic flowers, toothpicks and other small plastic items. The company began manufacturing PVC pipes in 1960 and PLDT Expansion and introduced ASTM d2729 happened in 1965. Neltex is the Southeast Asia’s Biggest Fully Automated Lead Free PVC Pipe Manufacturer with over 30, 000MT annually.

The Warehouse Manager is responsible for the proper warehousing and inventory control of raw materials, finished goods, traded products, factory supplies and spare parts. Ensures the maximum utilization of warehouse facilities. He/she also coordinates with the purchasing, manufacturing and traffic departments to ensure proper receiving, transfer and dispatch of raw materials and finished goods. He/she coordinates with marketing department on sales forecast trending and planning for the next three (3) months rolling.

Assists and supports the VP-Manufacturing towards the achievement of the departmental and corporate medium to long-term goals and objectives.


1.    Ensures effective utilization of warehouse areas and observes proper loading, unloading, stocking and safekeeping of items to maintain the quality of finished goods in order to prevent product damage and avoid occurrence of pilferage, accidents and occupational hazards.
2.    Effectively monitors flow of goods and implements First-In First-Out (FIFO) method in the use of raw materials and in dispatching of finished goods.
3.    Coordinates with the purchasing department with regards to incoming deliveries of raw materials and supplies.
4.    Coordinates with the manufacturing and traffic departments with regards to transfer and dispatch of finished goods.
5.    Maintains the highest standards of customer service by immediately attending and resolving customer issues on product preparation before dispatch.
6.    Coordinates with the marketing department in maintaining minimum and maximum level of finished goods in warehouse based on market demand and sales forecast.
7.    Ensures accuracy of product inventories against system records by conducting cycle counts on a periodic basis following appropriate guidelines released by accounting and audit departments.
8.    Conducts regular cycle count as per established schedules and guidelines. Evaluates and analyzes inventory variance. Implements preventive countermeasures based on the result of inventory variance analysis.
9.    Immediately resolves inventory discrepancies in coordination with accounting department. Analyzes inventory variances per cycle count and provides immediate solution to significantly reduce the variance.
10. Develops and effectively implements warehouse and inventory monitoring systems and procedures.
11. Maintains complete production plan, inventory control and warehouse records and manuals.
12. Ensures the integrity and completeness of all manufacturing and logistics records and manuals.
13. Prepares and monitors budgets according to plan and ensures maximum utilization of manufacturing and logistics resources.
14. Provides advice and support to other departments on production planning, inventory control and warehouse matters.
15. Develops and implements business process initiatives to optimize departmental operations in accordance with overall business objectives. Provides clear directions and general guidance to the department in the formulation of basic policies and procedures and ensure that these are translated to action.


• Preferably Graduate of BS Industrial Engineering or its equivalent course
• At least three (5) years related managerial experience
• 35 to 45 years of age
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