As a Medical Affairs Manager, you will be responsible for the following duties:
Provide effective medical support to the different business units with the objective of ensuring that scientific and ethical standards are followed in the conduct of medico-marketing activities and other communication programs within the company guidelines, FDA and PHAP regulations.
The accountabilities of the Medical Managers include:
Development and Execution of Medical Strategies

  • Develop brand medical strategies in alignment with commercial
  • Provide significant input in creation of patient flow in the development of brand strategies
  • Co-lead the brand teams with commercial in order to develop sound brand strategies

Scientific communication/Stakeholder Management

  • Plan, organize and implement scientific engagement tactics IN ORDER TO effectively communicate new and updated data aligned to brand messages; obtain actionable insights that will increase understanding of practice and guide the development  of effective medico-marketing tactics
  • Develop programs (Patient Education or Support Programs) to address patient needs
  • Translate scientific data into appropriate communication tools to support product promotions/claims

Evidence Generation

  • Develop relevant clinical research projects in order to address local data gap while maintaining alignment brand direction and strategy
  • In collaboration with Clinical Study Unit (CSU), ensure participation of competent and GCP-certified physicians in clinical trials in order to improve awareness about a certain disease and the company’s products.
  • Present the clinical trial protocol to the investigators and submit clinical trial manuscripts for publication in order to inform the medical community of the results of these trials
  • Effective execution and management of clinical study projects
  • Develop and update training slides and modules in order to sustain the product /disease knowledge of the field force.
  • Train internal support staff, and third party partners for out-sourced products, in order to equip them with relevant product knowledge which contributes to efficiency in the conduct of their work

Medical Information

  • Provide medical information and updates to Marketing and Sales Team, KOLs, Local Health Authority officials, patients, etc. in order to address their questions, issues and concerns about company products.
  • Speak on behalf of the company during CME activities in order to educate healthcare professionals on the appropriate use of the company’s products
Promotional Marketing Practices / Material Review
  • Review and approve  promotional activities (including promotional/advertising messages, CMEs,  sponsorships, relationship building activities, venues)  directed to healthcare professionals, the patients and the lay public  in order to ensure that they comply with the IFPMA, PHAP, and corporate guidelines
  • Review and approve promotional materials, including digital materials, in order to ensure compliance with ethical and regulatory standards
Product Challenges
  • Legally challenge unfounded and misleading claims and unethical programs of competitors and respond to medical complaints form competitors and external customers IN ORDER TO ensure fair play and customer satisfaction
  • Manage crisis situations related to our products IN ORDER TO avoid negative implications and consequences
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